Lack of Focus

I'm sure I get annoyed easily.

I received a questionnaire from one my Congressmen (I will refrain from saying which one). He asked me for my opinion: He wanted to know which things I thought were the most important:

—¤— Health care —¤— Energy —¤— Agriculture —¤— Economy —¤— Afghanistan —¤— Deficit —¤— Veteran's Issues —¤— National Security —¤— Medicare —¤— Social Security —¤— Education —¤—

I thought that his staff are not doing their jobs. (I know for sure that he didn't have time to put together the questionnaire). I don't know if I'll get read but this is what I sent him (his staff): Feel free to send him something similar so they start collecting USEFUL data:

You sent me a survey which I would say would accomplish nothing and give you no important information. Don't ask your constituents for nothing.

Ask them to give you one recommendation for improvement in each category (and ONLY one). That would be their first priority.

And then when you have that list summarized statistically, you will know where to start focusing.

Take EACH issue and do ONE 'common sense' thing--then start the list over and do another 'common sense' thing in each category.

Help is needed on ALL fronts.

And again . . . The best . . .