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This site has been 'evolving' ...

I study economics (among other things) and it occurred to me that all the articles I was putting up were on 'economic multipliers' ... the things, infrastructure and thought processes that make individuals, communities and nations wealthier. You don't have to be an economist to read these articles and if you go away with even one idea that makes your life 'better' or makes your community or nation wealthier, I'll consider my time well spent.


But the original description is also still accurate: is ...

... dedicated to building community wealth by providing tips on how communities could be wealthier if they knew HOW to better ... buy, sell, use, save, store, share or give things away (including ideas!).


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Lisa L. Osen and on economic multipliers

... changing probabilities one article at a time ...

Economic Multipliers


Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Are You Helping Create Positive Ones?

for Your Community, Yourself and Others?

¤ Find Out ¤

Some Samples:

No. 58 is a bit funny (Jerome K. Jerome's work)

No. 131 (on Queen Elizabeth's black teeth)

No. 59 (on 'easy' education)

No. 120 (on keeping kids away from drugs)

No. 122 (on having your kids think highly of you when they are adults)

No. 82 (on common sense in the environmental field)


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