Economic Multipliers (126)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Happy-go-lucky is not an economic multiplier for any nation.


If Al Gore and George Bush had shared the Presidency in 2000 (the year of hanging chads), I do not believe the United States would have ended up in a war in Iraq.

I’m guessing and I can.

Had we not, Saddam Hussein, if still alive, would now be 76 years old, might still be in power and a LOT of things would be different in that part of the world. As an example, Turkey, which is struggling with some sort of backlash tied to economic development and the secularization of society that many times goes along with it, probably wouldn’t have had any sizable economic growth and their country might be poorer … yet more stable.

I’m guessing and I can.

I’ll also guess that most of the younger people like the new Turkey better and a lot of the older people think that the changes are destroying their country.

The United States is facing a similar kind of ‘war’ right now tied to ideology. Assign these statements to any political party or group (or nation):

  • ‘Everything is going to collapse soon.’

  • ‘No one has the right to make so much and/or own so much.’

  • ‘If the minimum wage were higher, no one would be poor.’

  • ‘You don’t have the right to tax my ‘stuff’.’

  • ‘You and your friends get everything and I get nothing. The system is rigged. Why should I work?’

  • ‘No one does any work or knows how to do anything but me and my friends.’

  • ‘If we had higher taxes, we could take care of everyone equally.’

  • ‘If you did everything I did, your life would be as perfect as mine.’

  • ‘Costs don’t matter.’

  • ‘I should be able to spend my money how I see fit. I don’t need to report all of my income.’

  • ‘There aren’t enough social service workers and teachers and police officers because people don’t pay enough taxes.’

  • ‘The President is a dictator.’

  • ‘I worked for everything I ever got.’

  • ‘I’m stockpiling guns and food and water. I am ready.’

  • ‘Young people (or insert ‘group’) don’t like to work and want everything for nothing.’

  • ‘They are evil.’

  • ‘We’re raising dummies who can’t defend themselves, much less the nation.’

  • ‘I earned every penny of my (fill in the blank) … salary, pension, Social Security, disability benefits, inheritance, etc.’

  • ‘Government is the source of all problems.’

  • ‘Technology is the cause of all problems.’

  • ‘Media is the source of all problems.’

  • ‘Big business is the cause of all problems.’

  • ‘Everyone else is the source of all problems.’

  • ‘Bad things are happening because too many people do not believe in my religion.’

  • ‘Bad things are happening because God is punishing people.’

Have you ever noticed that it is humans who seem to punish people?

Some common things make communities and nations stronger and wealthier:

  • People who believe they have a responsibility to create things of long-term value and who enjoy work and teach their children to enjoy work …

  • Parents who are supportive of all their children (both boys and girls) and who help them grow into adults who also help create value in their communities …

  • Moderation: in drinking, in eating, in pursuing recreational activities, in spending, in living …

  • Kindness to and support of: family members, friends, neighbors and those beyond reach …

  • Respect for other people’s rights and freedoms …

  • Education which supports the creation of lasting wealth for the generations of individuals we will never meet …

  • A lack of people who want to commit crimes or create problems for other people …

  • An excess of people who want to live in peace with their neighbors while building communities that others would also want to live in …

Communities and nations are not a ‘crap shoot.’

Listen to what is behind the words of the people you talk to who you do not agree with.

You might be surprised to hear what they really want to tell you.