Economic Multipliers (112)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Good examples of good relationships can be economic multipliers.


Several articles can be found on the Internet today (Nov. 25, 2013) about two people who got married 81 years ago: John and Ann Betar.

Longevity in marriage is not what impressed me about this couple: I was impressed by the fact that a 102-year-old man and a 98-year-old woman were sitting on a couch and laughing and saying how lucky they were that they had gotten married to each other 81 years ago in the middle of the Depression.

And, since they originally came from a Syrian neighborhood (the nation was full of immigrants in the midst of the Depression … and in many ways today, still is), I am also inspired by the fact that they lived the American dream.

No matter where you live in the world, I think John and Ann Betar provide an excellent example of the kinds of relationships that create long-term value for nations and the individuals who create them.


To find the photo, search on: John and Ann Betar New York Daily News