Lisa L. Osen

The site owner, author of Visioning for Success: Using Probability-Based Thinking to Create Your Life...

, a book (see P.S.) written in an earlier part of my life that has been updated minimally in eBook format

, has always been dedicated to:

~ minimizing work,

~ making things flow easily & smoothly, and

~ maximizing the value of people & resources

Font Art, my latest mini eBook, is about having fun using fonts in artistic designs and is geared toward kids, teachers and adults who like to play around with computer graphics.

I've designed the most basic of calendars ... (OPEN)

More recent content publications (ePubs at (see P.S.(2)) ... (search under Kindle Books: Osen, Lisa L. if you don't want to also get any empty notebook series (for storing notes if you use a Kindle app)) include:

  • ... if you think parents need to have patience, understanding, empathy and a good base of knowledge to raise their children, you'll understand why I believe every child (and adult) needs to learn how to teach

  • Acupressure: One Technique

  • to Help Relieve and Prevent Sinus Pressure Buildup from Colds and Allergies

  • Smart Children-Poor Readers:


P.S. If you are interested in a new copy of an 'old book' (a high quality trade paperback) send an email (with these words in the subject line: Need Book Order Information) to:

a.wordsmiths.path ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

for further details.

And, a publishing tip: If you ever think your area code or phone number could change (even 20 years later), do not include it in your publications.

P.S.(2) My publications today are at because Amazon initially made a commitment to digital rights management AND the Kindle was the only eReader at the time that had a text to audio feature. I hope in the future that all my publications are more broadly distributed.