Economic Multipliers (104)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Good news is an economic multiplier.


Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed?

Did something funny or good ever happen to provide (if even for a moment) an opening in the clouds?

A woman who helped deal with cleanup in the aftermath of a hurricane once told me that people around her could not understand how she stayed positive, got a lot done AND still found some time to find joy in life.

In so many words, she told me that she considered the disaster a disaster but effectively the disaster was not her life.

She got up every morning, got more done, took some time at the end of the day for reflection and fun and got up the next morning (and the next morning and the next morning) and did the same thing.

As I write this, I will tell you that she had the luxuries of time, money, good health and the support of family and friends. Never believe anyone who says those things don’t matter. They do.

‘The Internet’ (it seems) is coming to the conclusion that people need more good news and more good things that can positively alter everyone’s life for the better. I have even found three sites where I think you would have trouble finding bad news:

These sites prove that good news truly is an economic multiplier.

What good news did you create today?


P.S. It doesn’t take much for any site to become rather inaccessible to individuals who lack the latest in technology or who have limited minutes, bandwidth or data plans. I always hope site developers who want information to be accessible to everyone keep that in mind … particularly if the knowledge can change people’s lives.