Economic Multipliers (144)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Business anomalies can be odd and hard to evaluate in the context of economic multipliers.


Online recently, a used book that I wrote, published and actively marketed in the late 1990’s was selling for $0.01 to $131.34 plus shipping (see P.S.). A few months back, a new copy listed for several hundred dollars.

What’s interesting about all these sales is that I receive no money from them.

As a publisher who still has some new books available, I know that a new book would sell to a distributor or bookstore for a significant discount off the list price of $14.00. Their discount hopefully helps them make a profit.

Because a ‘new’ book popped up online for several hundred dollars, I’ve been trying to figure out a practical way to get new copies of this ‘old book’ back into ‘standard’ distribution channels.

Online bookstores today can potentially make more money selling used ‘old books’ than handling new ‘old books.’ Likewise, publishers have many ‘restrictions’ on sales and potential costs associated with the shipping and handling of ‘old inventory.’

I’ve been fortunate in that a large online bookstore has expressed an interest in recarrying the title in a small quantity. I’ve been trying to figure out whether that could be profitable on both ends.

If this particular distribution channel is (re)established, it still may not be possible to make any money on the sales (for either company) due to the time and paperwork involved measured against possible sales volume for an ‘old book.’

Since the content of the book itself is ‘wealth creating,’ I am glad the book is still being read. And, if the numbers can justify it, I’ll be even more glad to get assistance distributing it.

Like any other publisher and/or author, I must admit that I’d like to profit from any sales (and the initial time and effort that went into the original project).


P.S. …

Visioning for Success! … using probability-based thinking to create your life … a high quality trade paperback … (ISBN: 9781890282219) covered painting, ‘stepping into,’ and videotape techniques. The core content was originally licensed to school districts and is an excellent introduction to ‘skills’ designed to help kids and adults create good futures.

If you read it, know that a bit of the book is ‘dated.’ At the time the book was written, I was presenting at national and state conferences and local functions. Today, most of my work is research and writing-based.

New books have continued to be available through the author/publisher (Lisa L. Osen / AeviVision™). If you’d ever like a new copy, for a limited time for domestic U.S. sales, this book can be ordered (via check or money order) for the cover price of $14.00 and I will include shipping.

Send an email (with these words in the subject line: Need Book Order Information) to:

a.wordsmiths.path ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

for further details.

(In this high tech world, an individual definitely needs a distributor if they personally are not set up for online sales and I apologize to any individuals in foreign countries … particularly ones who have read and supported my other publications … for not currently being able to extend this offer further.)

Likewise, the hard copy of this book was updated minimally in an online version. If a larger publisher would ever like to pick up an option on this book or any of my other ePublications for expanded distribution, send an email (with these words in the subject line: Business Proposal for Expanded Publishing) to:

a.wordsmiths.path ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

to get additional information.