Economic Multipliers (72)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Victimizing children is never an economic multiplier for communities or nations.


‘You’re damn right.’ (4 times)

This statement is being and has been televised over and over again during daytime and evening programming as part of negative campaign advertising (2012 Senatorial campaign) in Wisconsin by a national group that considers itself ‘conservative.'

Conservative used to be associated with words like these:

    • common sense

    • responsible

    • creating safe environments that promote the mental, emotional and physical health not only of individuals but of communities

The individual who spoke the original three words was addressing a room full of adults, made the statement once, the statement was part of a sentence and the sentence was part of a presentation: 'You’re damn right we’re making a difference.'

An online comment by a Becky C. … ‘My 1 year old is repeating it.'

In this digital age, anything can be cut and pasted, taken out of context and/or digitally altered:

    • Audio: background noises and literally any sequence of words can now be spliced together

    • Photos and video: backgrounds, people (even heads and bodies) and events can be spliced together to create ‘real looking’ situations

Likewise, people can easily post and digitally transmit ‘real’ and/or ‘manufactured’ audio and images to anyone (including kids) with content that was specifically intended for adults (and had a context).

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the media itself is starting to recognize that everyone needs to start asking a LOT of questions:

    • Who let those ads run during daytime and evening programming when kids could hear them?

    • Why did the ad creators keep repeating a sentence we wouldn’t want coming out the mouths of kindergarteners, let alone adults on daily basis? (Who are these people? What do they really want for our nation?)

    • Why (originally) wasn’t the whole sentence (and the context of it) shown?

    • Don’t voters deserve substance?

    • Where did all the responsible adults go?

    • What are we teaching children about responsibility and what it takes to develop a mentally, emotionally and physically healthy nation that has good critical thinking skills and an appropriately balanced focus on wealth creation?

Most importantly, if adults want to run for office, do they have the right to victimize children (and even adults) along the way?


Just as each of us has only one life to live, we only get to raise kids once: If we mess it up, we mess up the nation.


As I wrote once before (regarding the Senatorial race): If you are an eligible voter in the State of Wisconsin AND you DID NOT PLAN to vote in the November 6, 2012 election OR if you CANNOT CHOOSE among the candidates that will be on the ballot because none of them seem to represent what YOU stand for, VOTE for ME: Lisa L. Osen

… Even if I don’t win (in a Presidential or Senatorial election, a high percentage of Wisconsin voters vote which means that the remaining percent (if they showed up) couldn’t carry an independent write-in candidate), you will have said (to whoever does win) that YOU want to be heard.