Economic Multipliers (118)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Untapped markets can be an economic multiplier.


Life offers many kinds of interruptions.

This year our area has gotten an abnormal amount of snow and the weather has been abnormally cold.

Cold weather is great for shoveling and walking (from my perspective) when you get a lot of snow.

Ice, freezing rain and melting snow (when the water has no place to go or might drain a bit, freeze in a colder place and create an ice dam) tend to be ‘no fun.’

If your drain pipes heading away from your house tend to freeze up, encourage positive drainage by getting creative:

  • Clear away some snow and ice so water has a place to move to: When the sun comes out and/or the air is dry, some moisture will evaporate.

  • Put a plastic gutter (trough) that can be emptied out underneath areas where water drips to encourage any water to move away from foundations.

  • Think about how small tarps (or even garbage bags) might be anchored to create positive drainage (troughs) in any areas where you really don’t want a buildup of water and ice.

  • If your roof is prone to ice dams and icicles, try to remove at least the snow that accumulates over the eaves (the overhang on the house). Snow on the rest of the roof might be providing extra insulation IF the roof over the heated space is completely covered with snow.

I haven’t figured everything out yet but do believe there is an untapped market in ‘winter drainage.’