Economic Multipliers (100)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Comments are an economic multiplier if they are constructive.


I hate criticism.

I don’t know why.

But that is not the reason that I put up a whole series of articles on economic multipliers without allowing for comments on the bottom of the pages.

I am a realist. I don’t have time to read a lot of comments. I wish I did.

When I do read or get comments, I like them to be constructive so I am making a request: If you place comments at the bottom of this page, please help me make this site more valuable for EVERYONE who might stop in (even the people you might not like because you’re sure they have different views than you on everything because you have nothing at all in common with them).

I am hoping that if you read any of my articles, you do so because you hope that you will find some value in them for you and/or your community or even your kids as you think of ideas on how to engage them in conversations.

Imagine if, through your comments, you tried to create economic value for all the individuals who might read them: Content-based comments that give people extra ideas are particularly appreciated:

    • You could say that you liked or disliked the site: No one else (or me) would really gain any value from that.

    • You could say that I’m too liberal or too conservative: Once again, no one else (or me) would gain any value from that.

    • You could say that my ‘political’ or ‘religious’ or ‘economic’ or ‘environmental’ views don’t make any sense. Don’t say that though. Give an article number. State your case like you were in a Presidential debate: Tell everyone (if you do not agree): What makes more sense?

    • Although I love kudos, don’t bother to agree with me in the comments: Send citations for the articles you agree with to people who can make a difference and then hope that they do. Feel free to post the article numbers and who you sent the citations to so others can see how and if the ideas could multiply.


Will YOU through YOUR comments create economic multipliers for others?

I’m asking you to.

Imagine how ‘lucky’ the world will be if you do.


P.S. When I posted this, I thought that adding a comments component allowed readers to easily post comments on the bottom: That is not so. If you wanted to post a comment, my apologies. I will check into this further (I did: See P.S. P.S.). The 'comments' related to comments are still relevant to other sites you might post comments at though: Create economic value!

P.S. P.S. When I first started this web site, the team helped me get it up and accessible. Once again, they have provided a solution: It is possible to add a public comments section through a 'backdoor' by creating a separate spreadsheet. Unfortunately, I do not believe I can adequately support that format (today) but am giving you the roadmap (site instructions) if you ever want to add a public comments section via this 'backdoor' to any part of your site: — I hope this creates an economic multiplier for you!

Comments: See P.S. and P.S.P.S.