Economic Multipliers (139)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Physical therapists are an economic multiplier.


I hope you never need physical therapy. If you ever do, I hope you get an excellent physical therapist AND do all your exercises: You’ll waste a physical therapist’s time if you don’t.

The past six months, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about many things:

    • physical plateaus (and the scary part of not knowing if you’ll get beyond them),

    • envy as I watched other people run, bike, walk fast and do an array of things I could not do without pain or problems, and

    • how little I knew about my legs and how they worked.

A physical therapist (from my perspective) literally rebuilt my legs exercise by exercise. In incremental steps, she kept me focused on increasing strength and balance while giving my legs time to heal.

It’s easy to take the ability to do an array of things for granted:

    • putting on a sock,

    • lifting a leg to put on pants or step over something,

    • getting up and down from the ground (if you can try it without injuring yourself, try using only one arm and one leg on the same side … and imagine your other side and backside in pain),

    • walking down steps (and even just walking) without thinking, or

    • the balance that goes along with everything working right.

In the future, I’ll be doing more targeted exercises than I used to do as a few things still work themselves out. If I’m lucky, that process will ultimately turn into something whereby I end up physically stronger than I previously was.

Although no one can really tell a person how long it will take for scar tissue to go away (or whether it will completely), I am very fortunate. The exercises have helped the scar tissue diminish to a point whereby the greater percentage of the pain and limitations that went along with it are now annoyances.

Yesterday, thanks to a physical therapist, I took a fairly long walk and later kneeled down on a thick cushion on the floor to repot a plant.

And, I did my exercises.