When things matter, I send comments to people/ businesses who have 'broader reach' than I when I think they could make a difference.


Sometimes people have just not thought about things from a certain angle.


Because these people are smart and they are wealth creators themselves, if something they've never considered makes sense to them, they might become part of a 'critical mass' required to make a wealth creating or retaining change in a system.


A bit of this text is repetitive but bear with me related to the VALUE (& if you're trying to accomplish something, maybe this format will make sense to you--this ties to getting KIDS to understand their impact on infrastructure and what it means to use tools to create wealth):

(part of the text to a business . . . ) I've never thought that most things are free (someone is paying for them somewhere and if we don't recognize that, the infrastructure that allows for the services ultimately is not adequately maintained and we suffer great LONG-TERM losses).

You review new equipment (and I just was lucky enough to purchase some which I have been very satisfied with) but I also know we're literally destroying our infrastructure (and our intellectual base) if we don't remember how the products evolved and stop throwing away things that are working . . .

Anyway, I set up a community development site at: which talks about how to RETAIN wealth in communities . . .

You should look particularly close at the Computer Corollary page:

and also at the Jeep Project page ( ) because it talks about file sizes. (I just downloaded 30 minutes of low quality video of myself doing Tai Chi onto my computer system and it took 1 GB). I love technology and EVERYTHING it can do . . . but we are NOT teaching kids about their impacts on our infrastructure.

In the world of high tech, you will think these sites are 'lame.' In the real world of creating the maximum amount of value from all of our resources, these sites are extraordinarily relevant . . .

Imagine that the ability of kids all over the world to buy and use technology in the future depends upon our ability to create and and maintain the infrastructure (without overstressing it) and to use tools like cell phones and computers to actually create and retain wealth in societies (I just spoke to a young man on the bus the other day . . . his idea of using his cell phone was to text all his friends to let them know he was riding the bus!--we are not teaching kids how to use these tools well. How will they teach their own children how to create and retain wealth?)

I track economic multipliers. If we throw away wealth today, we're throwing away our economic multipliers for the future.

So, try not to think the above pages are TOO lame. Seriously think about how your (business) can have a long-term wealth creating impact on future generations. All this technology is a gift . . . a really, really valuable gift . . . and we need to make sure we use it well.