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Google Apps & Picasa Tips:

(OPEN) ¤ Jeep Project: The start of the site, major BASICS on graphics design for photos and sites, keeping file sizes small

(OPEN) ¤ Preparation Rocks: The value of occasionally sharpening the saw (getting better educated) to get work done more efficiently


Saving Technology:

(OPEN) ¤ Televisions: Why many television sets shouldn't be thrown away and possible outlets for them which could make communities wealthier

(OPEN) ¤ Computer corollary: How we are destroying the ability to afford technology, know how to use it and retain wealth if we don't pay attention to how old technology can still have current value

(OPEN) ¤ Infrastructure: How we become poorer nationally and globally if we don't pay attention to what we use technology for and how we support the infrastructure that goes along with it



(OPEN) ¤ Gifts: Used versus new gifts: Concept: The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value. (Charles Dudley Warner)

(OPEN) ¤ 'Bucky' Fuller: One man whose ideas, philosophies and designs changed how we think, the art in infrastructure, tool men

(OPEN) ¤ Promotional Materials: What constitutes good design, donatability

(OPEN) ¤ Lack of Focus: Promoting clear thinking (and results) in politics (or anywhere)

(OPEN) ¤ Downsizing Problems: Addressing the diabetes epidemic while taking greater responsibility for individual choices

(OPEN) ¤ Educating Kids: Making bilingual education easier for everyone (including adults who aren't even in school anymore), the value of audio-text based learning, using movies to help learn languages


This Doesn't Fit:

(OPEN) ¤ Socialized Medicine: How many parts of the health care system are already 'socialized' in the United States, the difficulty in socializing all of it if people don't take responsibility for helping everyone (including themselves) stay healthy, why you should feed kids things like apple slices or cheese after giving them sugary foods (if you MUST give them sugary foods) so their teeth are protected

(OPEN) ¤ Global Conflict: Strategies for thinking about how conflicts can and cannot be resolved in the context of religion and human desires

(OPEN) ¤ Customer Service: Some personal thoughts on people who ask questions and how customer surveys could be used to educate people in positive ways which help solve social problems


Retaining Wealth:

(OPEN) ¤ Collection Points: Why community collection points are so critical for retaining wealth

(OPEN) ¤ Distribution Points: Why community distribution points are so critical for retaining wealth, the difficulty in retaining wealth when 'overabundance' shows up in the wrong places

(OPEN) ¤ Wish Lists: The advantages of public service and nonprofit organizations posting 'wish lists' with costs and how the items would help benefit their community or organization

(OPEN) ¤ A Missing College Course: A suggested economics course focused on wealth retention and creation whereby students help 'link' communities or people with 'too much' to communities or people with 'needs' that can be filled



(OPEN) ¤ Bases of Wealth: How people's 'bases of wealth' affect their ability to be productive in any area