Economic Multipliers (135)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Good eyesight is an economic multiplier.


Around holidays, I am considered some sort of ‘grinch.’ I don’t want kids (or anyone else for that matter) to have a lot of ‘sweets.’ I think their teeth and overall longterm health will be better.

Recently I’ve been running across articles that note that the inability to take ‘eye breaks’ and spend time looking at things far and very far away is creating a wave a children who will unnecessarily need glasses as they grow older. Many kids aren’t spending enough time outside. (See P.S. re. sunlight).

When you consider economics, it’s all about probabilities.

Some children will always need eyeglasses … and they and/or their parents did nothing (on purpose) to create that need.

What if, though … a need could be prevented.

When I get to working on a computer project, I have trouble taking ‘eye breaks’ myself.

I can’t say though that I don’t have a good excuse for doing so.


P.S. Since excess sunlight can damage eyes, it’s worth teaching kids about the value of hats with brims, sunglasses and how snow blindness and other reflective blindnesses are prevented (glasses with slits).