Economic Multipliers (143)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Knowing what ‘fun’ is not could be an economic multiplier for you.


A man was killed at work by a fellow coworker. The day before, the man had pulled the coworker’s chair out from underneath him.

Is that funny?

The coworker worked in a physically demanding job. Every night he probably was sore. He probably got up in the morning sore and apparently did a job that few people want to do.

If you miss a chair, you can:

    • break a tailbone and/or

    • pull some muscles and/or

    • end up with long-term back problems and/or

    • end up with bruising and scar tissue in your backside.

If you try to break your fall with an arm, you can end up with hand, arm and/or shoulder problems.

It would even be possible to hit your head on something if you fell backward.

Are any of those things funny?

In this instance, the coworker caught his fall and it appears that he was ‘merely’ humiliated. Would you risk your life (or that of your other coworkers) to humiliate someone?

That coworker could have gotten up the next morning and realized:

    • that he was not going to be able to adequately do a job that he needed to do to survive … a job that was already hard to do … or …

    • that he had a lot more aches and pains than he normally did … and he could not know if they would ever go away … or …

    • that he needed to be at a doctor’s office spending money he did not have on injuries that were not directly work related and clearly preventable … or …

    • that he was going to have to deal with another day of abuse.

Do you or others you know like to have ‘fun’ at other people’s expense?

Could the ‘fun’ that is going on around you get you killed … even if you are not involved?

People who borrow trouble usually do not create economic multipliers for them or their friends.

One man’s in a hospital being treated for self-inflicted wounds and will ultimately end up in jail. Another man is dead. Families are upended. A business must replace workers. The ‘impact list’ is very long.

For a few seconds of ‘fun?’