Economic Multipliers (64)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Options are usually an economic multiplier for any community … especially when they are reducing ‘negative economic multipliers.’


Communities, people and nations can have an array of options to choose from or have none: When they do have options, I consider them ‘lucky.'

‘Luck’ is something many people think is ‘magical.’ An organization called ‘Options for Independent Living’ in the county I live in is not ‘magical.’ It requires a lot of time, resources and money. And, it creates ‘luck’ and ‘good fortune.'

The organization helps individuals and the family members of individuals who are aging or disabled stay as ‘independent’ as possible … helping keep the community more healthy and productive while giving caregivers more time and resources.

One feature of this organization is a ‘resource room.’ People who no longer need ‘assistive devices’ like crutches, walkers, wheel chairs, or even raised toilet seats can donate used (but very well taken care of and clean) equipment. People who are in need or their relatives or friends can stop in and ‘borrow’ things … with the expectation that if the items are not ‘used up,’ they will be brought back.

When a person goes home from a hospital, they usually are sent home with the equipment they need. If they go home from an emergency room or a clinic, they many times have to ‘scramble’ to fill in the gaps … and they may not have the financial resources to buy something that would create great value for them that they might only need for one or two months … and which could get them healthier quicker and keep them from having any further trouble.

Options for Independent Living also has a newsletter which lists equipment that people want to sell like ‘power chairs.’ And, you can visit the facility to get ideas on how to modify kitchens, bathrooms or even a whole house if someone is ‘struggling.'

This organization was specifically set up to provide ‘options’ in one area in the community and the founders set it up because they saw the economic value which goes along with helping minimize problems in any community: They saw the value in minimizing ‘negative’ economic multipliers.

If you are really ‘lucky,’ you will never have to or want to take advantage of the services which an organization like this offers. But just in case you ever have to deal with someone who got sick or injured or just old(er), I’ve added a couple ‘tips’ to my Picasa web pages on how you can ‘leverage’ your strength if you’re trying to help keep anyone mobile (OPEN) or get them mobile as they are getting well.

If you want to help create wealth in your community, think about how you can help create ‘options’ that maximize positive economic multipliers and minimize negative economic multipliers.