Economic Multipliers (129)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Awareness can be an economic multiplier for any individual, family or community.


Two unusual (in my realm of reading) stories showed up in the media recently.

The first was about a highly respected and it appears much loved teacher who had been taking students (boys) on international trips for over 30 years (the problem spanned multiple countries and involved relatively high profile kids of, on average, fairly wealthy parents). Turns out he drugged the boys on the trips … I’ll let you fill in some blanks … AND he took photos.

A cleaning woman who stole a tape and turned it over to authorities was finally his undoing.

The parents didn’t know. Most of the kids (almost all adults today) didn’t know. He was almost sidelined though … when he was young. Authorities didn’t adequately address the issue.

The second was about a man who worked as a sales representative who somehow managed to get a bunch of young (and drugged) girls into motel rooms in several southeastern states in the United States … I’ll let you fill in some blanks … AND he took photos. (Do parents offer up their kids if they need money for drugs or rent or … ???)

One involved drugged girls. One involved drugged boys. Both men liked photos.

Both men weren’t satisfied with just harming the kids. They needed constant visual ‘fixes’ … perhaps in anticipation of planning their next attack.

Law enforcement officials are trying to track the victims down (and looking at the photos cannot be good for their psyches).

If you know ANYONE in your community or among your contacts who has ever thought that ‘skanky’ photos are particularly interesting or who has behaviors which lack boundaries when they deal with other people, you may want to start getting interested in them.

Who knows what kinds of activities they will choose to pursue on the side … who they might turn out to be or even who they are right now.

In the first case with the boys there was an early unaddressed problem and unaddressed rumors throughout the years.

You have to wonder how many residual problems could have been prevented if authorities had simply recognized the nature of the problem and immediately done something about it.

Of course, schools and organizations and communities have their reputations to protect. You wouldn’t want to mess up any reputations to protect a child. And of course, this attitude is why there are so MANY problems and so MANY victims.

As a message to young people today regarding ‘skanky’ photos: Always keep in mind that someone somewhere wants pictures of YOU … and not because they want good things for you. Don’t help them.

If anyone ever asks you for a ‘skanky’ photo, do not be embarrassed. Contact the police.

And, say to yourself over and over and over again: This person does not want good things for me (and probably a LOT of others).


Note: I myself am particularly concerned about the individuals who would have to investigate these kinds of things. I would imagine some of it could create nightmares and some sort of post traumatic stress syndrome. Of course you’d always want these individuals to be constantly vigilant in their communities. What you’d never want is for them to ever want to take their work (any photos) home with them.

I’ve noted before and I’ll note it again … I am hoping that some companies are creating software which makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to track down the victims and deal directly with the crimes without having to continually be exposed to the components which could alter their own abilities to function normally within their communities and their families.

Individuals who get involved in these activities don’t just harm the ‘victims.’ They harm EVERYONE who is touched.

Likewise, although I believe men have, over the years, had a headstart on these activities, I believe women could be just as prone or vulnerable to this kind of addiction.