Economic Multipliers (177)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Poverty is not an economic multiplier. (No. 7)


I reiterate:

‘Elections are a great time for young people to ‘meet’ their leaders.

For that reason, I’m hoping young people will think about some things they observe in their world related to how their ‘leaders’ lead.’


There are lots of ‘different’ kinds of worlds that are possible to live in today.

When ‘leaders’ support it, the best kind of world to live in is the:

2 + 2 = 10


10 – 3 = 8


What exactly does that mean?

2 + 2 = 10: It means that when you put in your time and effort, you get back more than you put in (mainly because you’re able to capitalize on all the time and effort of generations past along with the new economic multipliers created as access to knowledge and available new things increase).

10 – 3 = 8: It means that when expenses crop up, even those become a ‘learning tool’ for greater growth and a means to help create and solidify economic foundations so that the expenses take away less than you’d think they would.

In the last 60 years, the world’s population has more than doubled.

If you travel back 60 years, you’ll likely find that the greater percentage of people (all across the world) have been living in a 2 + 2 equals more than 8 world.

Always keep in mind that if you double the wealth of a man who had $100 and double the wealth of a man who had $1000, the initial difference in wealth was only $900 and now it’s $1800. If you keep doing that, the differences expand quite rapidly.

And, if the man who had $100 had no means to ‘double’ anything over time because the $100 had to be used for survival (versus even an investment in nationwide economic multipliers), the differences are even greater.

That is why, when it comes to personal taxation, ‘revenue streams’ are much more important than ‘income.’

Likewise, when it comes to business and corporate taxation, property taxes and sales taxes and Social Security taxes and other types of taxes may be far more important than ‘income’ taxes. As an example, companies which pay a lot of Social Security taxes (helping support that system) do so because they have a lot of employees.

When people rent properties, they don’t usually think about the property taxes they pay. In a once removed transaction, individuals pay the property tax as part of their rent. An owner who did not include that expense in the rent probably wouldn’t own the property very long.

I’ve never been an advocate of taxes going up OR down until the people who vote on those changes have a firm grip on the best way to educate voters as to the impacts of either.

Likewise, I’ve never been an advocate of government spending going up OR down until the people who vote on those changes have a firm grip on the best way to educate voters as to the impacts of either.

You can’t live in a 2 + 2 equals at least 8 world if people don’t even know how to add in the 2 + 2 or how to make sure the 10 – 3 doesn’t equal less than 4.

Just think:

Economic multipliers weren’t even part of the ‘new math’ previous generations hated. And yet, in the last 60 or so years, if even inadvertently, economic multipliers have been paying extraordinary ‘dividends’ throughout the world.