Economic Multipliers (132)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

The ‘yes means yes’ law could be an economic multiplier for millions of Americans and others throughout the world.


California, a state which contains approximately one-eighth of the U.S. population, recently passed the ‘yes means yes’ law. For those unfamiliar … in California, a person who wants to have sex with another person has to have clear consent: Yes.

This law takes away some of the ambiguity surrounding individuals who try to get others drunk, drugged or even somehow coerced to take advantage of them. It also removes the ambiguity from rocky marital relationships … particularly ones that are or have the potential to become violent.

I hope the law spreads throughout the nation and gets expanded.

Points missing in this law are the following:

  • No individual (of any age) can consent to sex if both individuals have not yet discussed the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) and/or pregnancy and possible protection.

  • No individual can have sex with any subsequent partner without first getting checked for STD’s.

  • No individual in a committed relationship can have sex with their partner without first informing them that they had sex outside their formal relationship (if they ever do). This not only protects the partner: It also protects their children.

  • No individual can have sex with another person (without notification) if they know they have an STD (or any other transmittable disease).

  • Likewise, American citizens who live or travel abroad must also abide by these same laws or their citizenship could be revoked.

Recently¹ a priest who knew he was HIV positive was arrested for ‘soliciting’ in a park, a guy noted that it’s not rape if a woman can’t remember being assaulted, two young Amish girls were plucked away from their innocent lives of selling vegetables to be assaulted by a couple who obviously couldn’t care less about anyone or anything and a survey of an American university campus found that at least one third of the women on campus had been assaulted (guys had been assaulted too and the statistics don’t even count the number of young people who left school because of attacks).

Is this the United States of America?

Years ago I read that other nations and religions could unify their populations against the United States and Americans because Americans had ‘broken morals’ and obviously (based upon the above problems) ‘broken brains’ when it came to sex. Unfortunately, any time an individual who has a ‘broken brain’ comes in contact with individuals or groups who have different values which they do not respect, the United States as a nation is damaged.

It’s one thing to say that individuals have rights and freedoms. Implicit in that argument though is the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

How did we come to a point where so many Americans (many who are young college students or older ‘leaders’) are willing to alter or destroy someone else’s life?

Americans aren’t supposed to be attacking Americans (or anyone else for that matter).

The Americans who have these ‘broken brain’ values have the ability to destroy the nation from within … and that is what terrorist groups rely upon when they rally for support.

The expanded points that I believe should be codified into law are practical points. They are also clear guidelines for young people who should not have to deal with a lot of unnecessary and preventable problems when they are young.

The State of California has taken one step. It will take a nation to take the rest of them.


And as a P.S. to young people: Even if states and the nation do not codify into law these ‘proposed laws,’ I encourage you to codify them into your lives: Create a world of the future (both for yourself and others) that you’d want to live in.

¹ Written in October, 2014