Economic Multipliers (39)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Bees are economic multipliers so think strategically.


I almost rolled a work van one time. I don’t think I would have killed the bee but there’s a good possibility that I could have killed me.

When I do something ‘not so bright’ like panic while driving, I usually step back and think: I need a better plan … and devised one.

When a bee (or some other undesired bug) ends up in a vehicle while I’m driving today, I immediately say to myself: The bee does NOT want to sting me (it will die if it does). But, I need to find a place to CALMLY pull over so I can rid the vehicle of the bee and then be on my way.

I’ve pulled over a few times over the years but I’ve also gotten stung a few times while working outside. I am not allergic to bees (most people aren’t) but get the standard swelling you’d expect. I’ve found that if you make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it to the welt with a band aid or tape and leave it alone for about 4 hours, you usually can’t tell that you were even stung.

There aren’t enough bees in our yard this year. I don’t like them buzzing around but I’ve found (while sitting outside) that if you create a random air current (calmly wave a hat or napkin or magazine or …), they don’t know what to do and eventually leave (you alone). Wearing clothes that aren’t the colors of flowers also helps (but who wants to dress based on whether you’d attract a bee).

If you happen to be allergic to bees (not likely but possible), expect that if you get stung, your body will want to stop breathing. Well, actually it will want to keep breathing but your airway will start to shut down: Immediately seek medical help. Do not wait. It’s treatable but probably not by you. (See P.S.)

Bees occasionally end up in the house. I never know exactly how they got in but have a theory that you MUST let them out so they can go and tell the other bees not to take the same path. (They don’t like to get stuck in houses.)

They hang out buzzing by the windows: They are SO easy to catch.

Grab a clear plastic container or clear drinking glass and a piece of stiff paper or thin cardboard. Ready the door that you will exit to the outside. Trap the bee on the window and slide the stiff paper between the container and the window. You now can easily carry the bee (with the stiff cover on the container) to the door and set it free outside.

This obviously works for other bugs but those don’t usually stay right by a window so they can be harder to catch.

If you don’t want to do extra cleaning, this is also a very effective way of making sure bug innards don’t have be cleaned off anything.

I’ll bet you thought I was going to tell you about the economic value of bees (particularly in relation to food production). I figure you already know that.


P.S. The United States doesn’t have many zones where killer bees reside but there are some. Know that (per Wikipedia), the venom of one killer bee is no more potent than that of an ordinary bee but killer bees tend to swarm when their lives or hive are threatened (akin to the behavior of some groups of people). Getting stung by a bee (if you’re not allergic) is similar to drinking alcohol. One or two drinks won’t kill you. But a lot of bee stings (or a lot of alcohol) can. Seek medical help for multiple stings.

Likewise, only 1-2 people (once again, per Wikipedia) get killed by killer bees in the United States every year. A far greater number are killed by alcohol related car crashes (or perhaps even people who send their cars veering out-of-control when a bee or other insect makes them panic).