Economic Multipliers (151)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Understanding ‘time’ could be an economic multiplier for a lot of younger people.


The baby boomer generation (the generation that grew up with ‘free love’ and much relaxed ideas about relationships and sex and drugs) for the most part ‘holds the reins’ today in much of politics and business and religion.

Why should this matter to young people?

Some states have legalized marijuana … for recreational purposes … not specifically medicinal purposes.

That choice … a (today) lucrative business and tax choice for the states that have done so … will change many young lives for the worse … if young people and the older generations don’t pay attention.

The same generation that now ‘holds the reins’ also grew up on TV shows like Dragnet, Adam 12, Emergency and Quincy. It’s no surprise that marijuana use wasn’t legalized when these individuals were young.

Catch enough old episodes and you’ll find a common thread throughout: Marijuana is a ‘starter drug’ for a lot of other very addictive drugs. Lack of legalization ‘protected’ many young people.

Although I do believe that you could find many, many individuals who have found some benefit in using marijuana WHEN they had some health problem, I highly doubt that you could find an equal number in the baby boomer generation who would attribute their personal, family, business and/or political success to the use of marijuana.

What has happened?

The generation that tried marijuana when they were young is now at an age where the use many times could provide some medicinal benefit. Unfortunately, drug companies don’t normally manufacture it, it’s not a prescribed drug that insurance companies traditionally cover and the ‘generation with the reins’ wants the freedom to use it ‘freely’ … a choice they did not have when they were young.

It’s too bad that young people can’t require legislators to set a reverse age limit on this choice:

  • 60 and up … self-prescribed as long as not driving within 24 hours of use …

  • 50-59 … self-prescribed if a doctor identifies that it might be beneficial as a result of some medical condition … with driving instructions from a doctor …

  • 18-49 … self-prescribed but doctor monitored if a doctor identifies that it might be beneficial as a result of some medical condition …

  • younger than 18 … doctor prescribed and monitored

Just remember: In no form or fashion is the decision to legalize recreational marijuana good for young people (unless they have some medical condition and most young people don’t).

If you are young and really want to try marijuana, set a date: Wait until you’re middle age or older (50 or 60 or 70).

If you ever get to a point where drugs would be beneficial, you want them to work … and you don’t want to have to take a lot of them.


The author never smoked marijuana (although did learn what it smelled like in college) and to date, has never willfully ingested it.

Will I want to try it at some point in my life? I hope I’ll be lucky enough to say no.

And, if anyone ever 'encourages' you to try any kind of recreational drug, read the No. 120 list of things they want for you before you do. Want something better for yourself.