Economic Multipliers (110)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Elio could be an economic multiplier for the United States.


Americans love cars: You can drive fast, transport large numbers of people and things, go places you’d never get to on foot, use them to get work done and all sorts of things.

The only bad thing about any vehicle for the owner is the expense.

An American car company might change that for a lot of people.

Elio Motors is planning on building a three-wheel car that gets 80 plus miles to the gallon before the end of 2014.

For around $7000, it will be possible to transport 2 people or 1 person and a fair amount of ‘stuff’ to a lot more places if you’re on a limited budget:

  • Bad weather: It’s a car …

  • Insurance: Hopefully that will cost less …

  • Delivering a few items about town or just getting groceries?: No need to use a lot of gas …

  • One child needs to get to school or practice: It looks fun to drive and your child may think you are ‘cool’ (at least until a lot of other people have a similar vehicle) …

  • An elderly neighbor has a doctor’s appointment: You probably won’t use it for that if they are less mobile …

I am not advertising this car.

I am advertising economics:

  • A pizza delivery person or any other kind of delivery person has more dollars in their pocket at the end of the day if their expenses are less.

  • A young person or any age person who can rent a larger vehicle for the few times they might need it will have more dollars in their pocket for other expenses and saving for their future.

  • Empty nesters who no longer need to transport their kids might want one if they think the savings in gas for their short trips might be just the amount of money needed to help send their kids and grandkids to college.

The car has been designed for the highway and if it is ultimately sold, I expect you’ll see many there. I see this car mainly as an in-town, off-main-highways car, though … one that you should drive like a motorcycle … with the awareness of a motorcycle rider.

Another element of economics is letting something be a success.

If a well-designed car that could make economic sense for a lot of people gets good reviews the first few years because the first owners made good and safe driving decisions, not only will the price of the car stay reasonable, insurance rates for everyone will be lower and more people who could work if they only had a practical and affordable way to get there will be able to do so.

And, if the car is a success, so will be the job opportunities.


P.S. Americans take transportation for granted: Motorized vehicles have the greatest value when roads are in good shape and the United States started making a commitment to roads in the early 1900’s. Likewise, many parts of the world still lack affordable access to simple wheel and axle systems (similar to the kind used to transport children behind bikes) which would allow millions of people to move just about everything easier.