… I believe that someone knows someone who knows someone ….

Economic Multipliers (65)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Someone who knows someone who knows someone is an economic multiplier for any community if the information creates any value.


I’ve written about Haiti before and as I write this (8/24/2012), Haiti’s tent cities which house approximately 400,000 might get hit by a hurricane.

If I lived in a tent on the beach and thought I might get hit by high winds,

    • I’d take the tent down,

    • wrap everything that I had that could get wet in the tent and

    • wrap everything that I had that couldn’t get wet in plastic bags (if I had them) and

    • bury the tent and the bags (tied together) with an identification tag approximately 2-4 feet down (sand pits can collapse in so be careful) with a rope connecting everything rising to ground level with perhaps some small metallic items tied on going up the rope so after the storm, if someone had a metal detector, they could go looking for ‘my stuff,’ and

    • head inland for greater protection knowing that

    • it would be even more convenient if someone with a GPS device had logged the location that I buried everything and gave me the coordinates so I could come back later to the exact same spot (or at least to within a 1 to 20 meter radius).


I’m sending this bulleted list to one specific email address: croroha {at} haiti world {dot} com … a Red Cross email contact address for Haiti … but imagine that if you were in the midst of a crisis, you wouldn’t have time to check your email … particularly email that came from someone you did not know …

… If this could create value …