Economic Multipliers (71)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Being part of some network usually is an economic multiplier.


Although I’ve joined organizations over the years, it’s safe to say that on the whole, I’m not an organization joiner.

But when organizations create value in a way where their actions do not take away from or harm other people (i.e. infringe on the rights and freedoms of others), I occasionally get involved ‘on the side.'

I know the value of organizational support and friends. When someone dealt with a crisis last year that would have had a greater impact on me personally (in particular, in regard to preparing special meals), I barely had to do any extra work in that area: Food literally showed up on the doorstep. The ‘crisis’ individual is an organization joiner and part of multiple ‘networks’ filled with gardeners, cooks and bakers.

They also are a ‘collector’ and in browsing a publication lying on the table, I ran across a unique organization:

This organization lets people ‘post needs’ when they are dealing with some ‘crisis’ so if individuals surrounding them are able to help a bit, they can sign up for ‘simple tasks.'

If my ‘crisis’ individual hadn’t collected a Christian publication which featured a Jewish man who set up this organization after he himself dealt with a personal crisis, I wouldn’t be writing this piece. I’d be curious as to how many different kinds of faiths this site has served: There isn’t any religious litmus test if you use this site to help you deal with some personal or even community crisis.

The United States has many servicemen returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq (See P.S.): Many of those individuals are going to be coming back with unique needs. Fortunately the U.S. military historically has set up good support networks but in today’s world, individuals in any organization or community are more ‘invisible’ simply because there are a lot more people in the world.

It really doesn’t matter whether a person is a veteran, aging, disabled, dealing with some short-term injury or illness or just in need of some support. If people find ways to connect in ways that create value for them and for the individuals that get involved in their ‘network’ (things that don’t take away from OTHER people … that is the nature of wealth CREATION), their lives, the lives of the people who live in their community and the lives of everyone they positively touch have been enriched.

It’s not very difficult to understand how small tasks and many hands make much lighter and many times much less work.


P.S. If anyone reads this overseas, know that although Americans might many times seem pretty ‘screwed up,’ when American soldiers or aides show up on your shores, it’s because the greater percentage of all Americans really do want you to have a good life (even though we may not have a very good idea of how to help).