Economic Multipliers (28)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Brevity is an economic multiplier if the thoughts are worthy and the content is ‘complete.’


Years ago, a finance professor told me (in so many words):

'If you can’t make your point on one double-spaced typed page, you have no point to make.'

At the time, we were assessing rather complex business cases: The supporting documentation might have been several single-spaced pages long but the summary page couldn’t miss anything critical relevant to the decision being made.

These cases were unique in that there was not one ‘right’ answer. Two students could ‘see’ different ways to approach the issues, weigh the merits of various options differently and both provide adequate ‘support’ for ‘their case.'

The ‘answers’ didn’t have to be ‘the professors,’ but they did have to be supportable.

I’m going to put up a couple pages on economic multipliers related to the ‘nuclear crisis’ that Japan is now dealing with because I see this as a global problem. If you are a citizen of a country that uses nuclear power or if you have an upwind or up-water neighbor that uses nuclear power, I believe what I will include on these pages is the ‘minimum’ that you need to know.

Recognize when you read these pages that I am NOT a nuclear engineer (my background is civil engineering – and civil engineers tend to pay attention to how whole systems – the infrastructure around you – are designed). Because every engineering field has their own specific and sometimes ‘myopic’ ways of thinking, say to yourself: ‘Do I have something even better than that in MY head?’ … because I know … in a LOT of different areas … there are people that are a LOT smarter than I.

Particularly for you teen, 20 and 30’s readers who should live in a really ‘cool’ world 50-60 years from now, when you design your systems for your future, you want all the best ideas on the table.