Economic Multipliers (46)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Knowing your ‘calling’ in life can be an economic multiplier for you.


I missed my calling: I should have been God.

I say this because despite the fact that I don’t always know what I should be doing at every moment every day and exactly what I should be doing with my life in the next 5, 10, 15 and 20 years, I am quite sure that I could tell everyone else.

Know that I’m being ‘facetious’ … but I’m sure you’ve met many people who for some reason got it into their heads that they are ‘all-knowing.'

Because I am not ‘all-knowing,’ I usually think I need help. For instance, when I read an article about a hospital in India which is having problems with infections, I think:

WOW! India has a LOT more people than the United States AND they have made a commitment to education.

If they could get some of their scientific minded high school and college students ‘connected,’ would they be able to accomplish the following?:

    • come up with some inexpensive designs for solar autoclaves and set up installation and training programs for their use

    • identify how to access (and/or manufacture) extraordinarily cheap sources of vinegar, baking soda and salt and create a global list that specifically identifies how those substances (or others) can be used in hospital and clinical settings to minimize infections and their transmission rates (a list with enough ‘guts’ and scientific backup that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) would sign off on it)

    • identify the best ways to help the poorest medical facilities access energy, clean water, building materials and supplies (Note: If you figure this out for the poorest communities, wealthy communities become ‘early adopters’ because they know that they’ll also free up resources for ‘other things.’)

    • survey their community medical centers and find out if it would be possible to set up educational modules (which would not lose the value of the educational component for the students) whereby students can help ‘solve’ some of their community’s health care problems

If you’re going to do a max.-min. problem in calculus, it might be fun to know that your solution helped change your world.

To me, the greatest ‘fun’ in education is in knowing that you got the chance to use it.


(Truth be told, I think the United States should be doing this too: We may not always have the same problem lists … but they aren’t so different, either.)


You may think that I didn’t make the connection to YOUR ‘calling.’ Imagine that anything you do not have to think about or worry about on a daily basis IS a form of wealth. If you’ve already graduated from high school or college, maybe you’re the one who could help set up the problem solving educational modules which kids could use (because you work somewhere where you see specific ‘needs’). And, if you're reading this and thinking … 'but I didn't get a chance to go to school' … just ask yourself if you have ideas … AND if any of those ideas could change your world.