Economic Multipliers (66)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Understanding equivalents is an economic multiplier when you’re trying to build or maintain wealth.


It’s a good thing that I window-shop.

Because I do, I know that in my local area, one of the least expensive mattresses you can buy (just the mattress … with no data on quality or longevity) costs in excess of $150.00.

I’m not in the market for a mattress. I can tell you though that the mattress I sleep on is not flipped often enough or rotated often enough (they last longer if you put them ‘on a schedule’) which means that any future purchase could be unnecessarily premature.

The $150 a mattress represents (at the minimal cost) has ‘equivalents’ all over the place:

    • Today, you can buy an inexpensive (and amazingly powerful, albeit somewhat limited) PC or very high quality bookreader for that price. If you couple a PC (many people run businesses just online) or a Wi-Fi / Internet capable bookreader with a location that has Wi-Fi access, you literally give yourself access to the world.

    • I’m not a smoker, but if I bought cigarettes for approximately $5.00 per pack, I’d be able to buy 30 packs of cigarettes.

    • At $2.40 a dozen, I could buy 750 eggs OR 360 apples (if each 5 lb. bag costing $5.00/bag had 12 apples) OR 50 cans of frozen orange juice at $3.00 per can OR if I had a baby, approximately 2 months worth of disposable diapers.

    • At $6.00 per movie, I could go to 25 movies.

    • At $3.75 per gallon of gas, I could buy 40 gallons of gas and if my car got 20 miles per gallon, I could travel 800 miles OR I could buy a couple new tires OR I could buy a new bike OR, in this area, I could buy 6 month’s worth of bus passes.

    • If I invested the $150 (assuming I had it and didn’t need to spend it) at 1 percent simple interest, in 30 years it would only be worth approximately $202: If my investment paid 3 percent simple interest, in 30 years it would be worth approximately $364: This is why people who save money get so upset if interest rates drop: At 5 percent simple interest, in 30 years that $150 investment would be worth approximately $648.

You may think that I’m writing this article to tell you how to spend your money: I’m not.

I’m writing this article because if anyone you ever know has a temporarily oozing wound and you cannot ‘easily’ afford a waterproof mattress pad (which can cost $30-60), you might be able to afford (or even have on hand) a waterproof tablecloth or shower curtain (or even clean tarp / cut off the grommets if you don’t want anything to get damaged).

I’m writing this article so you can protect your own assets and you can better understand ‘equivalents’ when you spend money.

'Wealth’ is durable (it lasts a long time). ‘Wealth that produces income’ has what is called a ‘return on investment’ (ROI). ‘Wealth that is retained so you do not have to repurchase it as readily’ (like a ‘protected mattress’) usually gives you more resources over the years for ‘other things’ and lets you appreciate and enjoy the things you already have that much longer.


P.S. If you or someone you know ever has a need, seat cushions can be covered with plastic bags and then towels or pillowcases. And, I’m sure you never sweat in the summertime but I’ve found that a waterproof cover on pillows is nice (I myself am currently using a cutup section of eco-friendly shower curtain for the task as I seem to have ‘lent’ (not expecting a return) a pillow cover to someone else at one point in time).

P.S.P.S. Better yet, though … I hope you never have a ‘need’ (OPEN).