Economic Multipliers (70)

Do you know what these are?

They help CREATE wealth in systems.

Bad advice is never an economic multiplier (for anyone).


Every once in a while someone who’s almost always right (from my perspective) gets it really wrong.

'Annie’s Mailbox’ (the replacement for the Ann Landers column) recently featured a piece on a woman who sent topless photos to her husband’s phone while he was at work to ‘spice up’ their sex life when he got home.

In this ‘new age,’ which definitely lacks the conservatism of the ‘older ages,’ (Note: People didn’t necessarily behave any better in the ‘older ages’ … it’s just that their behaviors weren’t so ‘public’), our attitudes have shifted radically.

While ‘Annie’s Mailbox’ did mention the privacy issue because obviously anything that is sent to a phone can be shown to someone else or retransmitted (to a LOT of people), the piece didn’t clearly discourage the practice.

What ‘Annie’s Mailbox’ failed to mention was that if a bicyclist or child was killed in a car accident because the husband was ‘eager’ to answer his phone while he was driving a vehicle or if some woman (or even girl) got assaulted or raped because one of his coworkers developed some sort of ‘sexual deviancy’ problem because he ‘shared’ the photos, she would be responsible.

Have we decided as a society that there are no longer any bounds? Will the ‘newest’ radical art exhibits be people having sex in art parks and in the front of libraries and courthouses in the United States?

'Annie’s Mailbox’ is not mine to write but I wish it would have included these words:

    • Never send any questionable photos of yourself over a phone and, if you’re thinking clearly about the fact that any relationship doesn’t always last 50-60 years … the duration of a good marriage, never post questionable photos online or on any system that other people could access: People used to keep materials like this in locked boxes in the back of their closets so their families could uncover their ‘scandalous’ behaviors (the shift in attitudes) when they passed away. I guess lots of people want other people to know who they are at a much younger age now. (Keep in mind that I’m not ‘against’ anyone’s ‘freedom’: I am ‘for’ a ‘lack of problems.’)

    • Never want to take OR transmit ‘questionable’ photos of neighbors, friends, coworkers, kids, dates, or spouses without their prior approval (and kids NEVER give approval) because that is not just an ‘addiction': That is ‘stalking’ and/or ‘assault’ with the intent to create mental, emotional and bodily harm.

If your actions ever CAUSE someone to get assaulted, you could be held criminally or civilly liable … even if you didn’t initially take any photos.

Likewise, if you want to stay out of trouble with kids (societies usually consider these crimes much more severe), treat pornography (or any kind of problem creation) like alcohol because if any child ever assaults another child (or even an adult) and you had EVER ‘supplied them’ with ‘materials,’ you could be held criminally liable and be responsible for ‘civil damages.'

Many people fail to consider that the ‘adult’ at the end of or ALONG any string that involves kids is a ‘responsible’ party: That’s why they use the term ‘adult.'


When people get paid for taking or transmitting ‘questionable’ photos, I always hope they are VERY old.

    • Would you give up your reputation in a community for a lifetime … and possibly your ability to make a good living long-term … for some short-term monetary gain?

    • And if someone got assaulted as a direct result of your actions, could you ever get beyond the ‘stigma’ of being partially or fully responsible?


When you evaluate your behaviors, keep in mind that some people (in particular kids when they are young) cannot make a distinction between TV … which is ‘scripted’ and ‘fake' … and ‘real life.’ So, unless you are an expert at determining whether any individual around you would be ‘predisposed’ to ‘sexual deviancy’ (or even violence) problems, you might want to keep all your ‘questionable’ media/photos in a box in the back of your closet (and share it when your spouse or significant other gets home).

I’m sure you don’t want to have to worry about your kids or grandkids walking down the street someday or spend your time worrying about whether your friends and family members are able to think straight.