Wish lists

People like to see results.

People like to see things.

People like to donate to the things they care about.


I wish I could visit a 'page' for every community (and even every person) in the world and see its wish list. I could get a really good idea as to its immediate needs.

I believe that people would donate more and have greater impact if they were able to set their own priorities on donations based on these wish lists.

Since people like to donate to the things they care about and because I believe people (on the whole) are smart, if they knew the full range of needs in a community, I believe they would prioritize well.

If a person in the community wanted to spend their money on a new organ that a church wanted, I'd want them to know that the church 'wished' for that.

If a person wanted to donate a life-saving piece of equipment to the police or fire department, I'd want them to know that the department 'wished' for that.

If a person wanted to donate tools to the most talented kids in colleges and technical programs, I'd want them to know that the schools 'wished' for that.

If a school (or other institution) had basic needs for art supplies and materials for things like sewing classes, I'd want people to know they could send a boxful of 'stuff' to them.

(Note: Wealthy communities throw out TONS (as in weight) of raw materials that poorer communities could use if only there was a good way to 'collect' it & someone travelling cross country could drop it off. But also note: Items should ALWAYS be clean and well packed and look like you'd want to receive them yourself IF you needed (wished for) them).

IF, IF, IF ... I'll bet there are a LOT of wishes that could be filled in communities around the world if we had a really good handle on what people wished for.


P.S. I'll stick a wish I would have for all communities in here because I myself gain so much joy from it in our community:

Neighborhood Botanical Gardens